Review: Oz The Great And Powerful (2013)

via wikipedia

via wikipedia

This film is an adaptation of the classic Wizard of Oz with a modern twist, that is. It is about Oscar Diggs (James Franco,) a con artist cum magician in a travelling circus whose main goal in life is to be “great” and “powerful” in the likes of Einstein, Edison et al. Until one fateful day, while being chased in a hot air balloon by a fellow circus worker – Oscar was flown to the magical Land of Oz where he met Theodora (Mila Kunis,) a witch who have been waiting for the “wizard” who will soon be king after defeating the witch of the dark forest. Oscar played along because he likes the idea of having power and being king. He was introduced to Theodora’s sister – the wicked witch and royal advisor Evanora (Rachel Weiz) who commanded the “wizard” to defeat the dark witch Glinda (Michelle Williams) before being able to get all the perks (like having all the riches of Oz) as a king. Oscar obliged with the request but things turned out differently when he met Glinda who happened to be the one who’s really preserving and protecting the land and the people of Oz.

This film was very nice to say the least. It was enjoyable enough but there’s nothing new about it. It was borderline boring but keeps up tremendously with the graphics. I supposed that I should watch it again on 3D to appreciate it more but I actually do liked it. It’s not that bad but it’s not very good as well. There was something lacking in it. I don’t know if it’s the charm of the film altogether or the story development but it was just okay. James Franco’s attack on the role was very commendable. It was almost slapstick comedy without being overly done. Mila Kunis was meh while Rachel and Michelle breeze through with their respective roles. They are magnificent!

So without the stunning images and Franco’s onscreen presence, the film would have suffered tremendously. It was slow paced but it was tolerable. It lacks agility for a fantasy film but covers up with the acting. This movie’s begging for a second try but I’ll pass for now.
Rating: 6.5/10
Director – Sam Raimi
Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Bill Cobbs, Joey King
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures

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