December To Remember In Sagada Part 2: Rocky Valley Inn and Cafe Review (December 2013)

I booked a room for two as early as November since most of the Inns that I’ve contacted are fully booked already because of the bonfire festival and naturally, December’s a peak season in Sagada. I was able to booked at Rocky Valley Inn. I was asked to deposit half of the rate for three days (it’s 250/pax/day.) The inn is located near the Sagada Weaving and is in front of a gas station. It was a  good 8 minute walk from/to the center.



the rock formation fronting our veranda

the rock formation fronting our veranda

The place was very clean of course. I thought Alex, the guy who assisted us was very professional. The room given to us was at the second floor with a veranda which I loved by the way because it’s fronting a big beautiful rock formation and it was naturally, freaking cold.


They have WiFi connection at the ground floor and they also served food. The food was good and reasonably priced. Our only critique is the lack of hospitality from the other girl who’s manning the place who keeps sneering on us. She was probably in a bad mood that weekend. o_O  Overall, our stay was rather okay because the rooms are clean as well as the shared rest rooms. Just good food and clean room. *wink*

Rating: 4.5/10

To be continued…

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