My Miss World Philippines 2013 First Hot Picks!

A week from now, the new Miss World Philippines will be crowned and will have the task to win the first blue crown for the country. Twenty-six lovely girls are vying for the crown but only one can win the most coveted title. I was trying to do a Top 10 Hot Picks but I decided to just pick three girls whom I think had the strongest chances of making the top 3. This could very well change in a week’s time so I’d be posting the first one today and my final hot picks a day before the pageant. Here are my Top 3 Hot Picks!

MWP 2013 First HotPicks

Miss World Philippines 2013 – Megan Young (Olongapo City)

Why Megan? The 23-year old celebrity is still the one to beat in this competition. She’s the prettiest out of all the contestants this year and her presentation thus far is flawless. Let no politics be played and we’ll see Megan wearing the Philippine sash in Indonesia this September.

First Princess – Melanie Barret (Pampanga)

Melanie is a fresh face in the Philippines pageant circuit and I love that she’s raw but still ready to battle it out with the more experienced candidates. I love her mestiza look and her pedigree would surely catapult her on top.

2nd Princess – Bianca Paz (Taguig City)

Bianca’s trying it out for the second time after winning second to the first Miss World Philippines and eventual Miss World 2011 first princess Gwendolyn Ruais. She came ready to win the crown but I think she kinda lost her spark. I’m still waiting for her amazing performance on the 18th but for now, I won’t discard her into my top 3.

Who are your Top 3 for the Miss World Philippines this year?

Your Thoughts?

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