The Crash Diet Diary : Game Plan 101

Tonight while having dinner with my friends, we decided to take on a challenge: A 15 days diet which is going to be some sort of a “biggest loser” kind of thing where the person who will be losing the most weight will win the contest, rather the bet! Haha! I would like to post my body pics at this time but my camera isn’t cooperating and I’m thankful for that haha.

Anyways, my game plan starting tomorrow is to AVOID RED MEATS!  – I’m actually planning a NO MEAT DIET for the next fifteen days and if it’s effective, I’d probably do it longer. Second, I’d do the no meat diet with the right water intake. I’m not a big “water” drinker. I’m more into juices and soda’s so I think I’d cut the soda part and try to drink water more and maybe fresh juices 🙂 Lastly, I’d only eat veggies and fruits – I will really restrict myself to abide with these game plan / rules. I will be posting the meals / food that I’d be taking for the next fifteen days so expect to be bombarded with food pictures here.

I am no way advising anyone to copy this diet or my plan of losing the pounds I’ve gained over the holiday season  – I am no expert and I would  appreciate if you can give me some feedback and advices in order for me to win this challenge.

Your Thoughts?

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