Janine Tugonon’s Evening Gown Portrait For Miss Universe 2012

Janine Tugonon Evening Gown PortraitHere’s Janine posing for the camera wearing this yellow chiffon beaded gown. In all honesty, this gown isn’t working at all. The color does suit Janine’s skintone but the design is horrific. It looks dated and too heavy for her. I am hoping that she’d use a different evening gown come preliminaries and finals night just like what Venus and Shamcey did during their stints.

Venus Raj MUP 2010 Shamcey MUP 2011

photos via missuniverse.com

7 responses to “Janine Tugonon’s Evening Gown Portrait For Miss Universe 2012

  1. I totally agree with you.

  2. uhuh

  3. panget ng gown at ng hair. but go janine make us proud! irampa mo yang bassura gown na yan!

  4. grabe as in yan ang gown ni Janine? baka magaya yan sa mga dating malalakas na pambato natin kagaya nila Ninna Ricci Alagao, Karen Loren Agustin at Abbigail Arenas na sana pasok sa semis pero hindi nangyari kasi ang panget ng mga gowns. C’mon Stella Araneta

  5. For us fans who have been rooting for Janine since her Bb. days, this gown is a cause for panic. The color fits her skintone but the design–so mediocre. It looks heavy underneath. I could see Renee Salud in that gown during his heydays. I hope and I pray that she’ll surprise us with a gown that is in line with the works of Oliver Tolentino and Maxi Cinco. This yellow gown is the same gown I’ve seen many times from Cumbia (it didn’t give justice to her figure which she worked hard for). If she continues wearing this during Prelims–she is surely inching her way to The Lost Island.

  6. Her pageant evening gown is not any better. Saw it in the preliminary competition. Someone PLEASE tell me she is NOT wearing that silver-blue gown to the finals! There is a celebrity fashion stylist and a fashion photographer on the panel. If she cracks the top 10 ( that is solely determined by the swimsuit competition), she will not make the top 5 with the gown she wore to the prelims. The top 5 is soley based on the evening gown competition. The gown is appalling, and looks like a mall-bought prom gown.

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