FHM Philippines March 2012 Cover – Too Sexy Or Too Racist?

I was astounded to see the March 2012 cover of the FHM Philippines. At first glance, you would really notice actress Bella Padilla on the cover because of her bright pink swimsuit and her fair skin but reading what’s written under her name is just cringe-worthy! Stepping out of the shadows?? What were they thinking? Plus using dark-skinned models as extras? What’s that supposed to mean? This is seriously a poor concept from FHM. I’m sorry. I can’t….at this cover.

The people behind this cover may think differently but the cover is class-less.  Hello creative director????? Are you guys trying to say that she’s stepping out of the Padilla’s shadows? I mean, that’s fine but the concept is horrendous. Okay, I’m gonna stop here. I mean, it’s not like I’m such a puritan dissing the cover. These are just my personal views – I collect your  yearly 100 sexiest edition and this cover literally made me swear! 


I just thought of updating this post about the massive reaction this cover has gotten from the last couple of weeks, FHM Philippines apparently made a “wise” decision to change the lay-out of its March 2012 cover.  Personally, I’m happy that they made such action because the cover really did offend some people and although the harm has been done   I think it’s commendable that they at least did something to appease the ire of the majority.

 via FHM Philippines Facebook Page

One response to “FHM Philippines March 2012 Cover – Too Sexy Or Too Racist?

  1. Shame on them. This is a completely offensive and in such bad taste. The more you try to justify the concept the the more it makes me feel uncomfortable.

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