Vogue Philippines?

As of 2010, there are 18 international editions of Vogue, with Turkey as the most recent country to launch last March, with Jessica Stam gracing the cover. I can’t help but think of the day when the Philippines would come out with its very own edition. There is a need to get (purchase) the license to have such a publication, and there are probably tons of factors to consider.

While browsing the net regarding the “acquisition of a franchise,” I learned that the idea of having an African Vogue was rejected by Conde Nast, the publisher of the magazine. That is Africa! And I thought that fashion is even more prominent in Africa than in the Philippines, so I think that it’d be close to impossible to get the franchise of Vogue anytime soon.

An imaginary cover of Vogue Africa by Mario Epanya who’s pushing to get the license to publish the magazine’s African edition.

At the moment, five Asian territories are publishing Vogue. They are Nippon (Japan), China, India, Taiwan, and Korea – something that I do not understand. Philippine fashion magazines are doing pretty well in the country, and our fashion industry is very much alive! I could just imagine Vogue flourishing here! I am still hopeful that we’d be able to see the day of the release of the Philippines’ Vogue maiden issue!

Vogue Philippines imaginary cover with Charlene Almarvez, 1st Runner-up Supermodel of the World 2010 (Photo Courtesy of Ford Models, Charlene Almarvez)
Vogue Philippines imaginary cover with Charlene Almarvez, 1st Runner-up Supermodel of the World 2010
(Photo Courtesy of Ford Models, Charlene Almarvez)
Vogue Philippines Imaginary Cover with Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 4th-Runner Up
Vogue Philippines Imaginary Cover with Venus Raj, Miss Universe 2010 4th-Runner Up

Vogue ™ is a trademark of Conde Nast Publication. The use of the  ™ is for depiction purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

8 responses to “Vogue Philippines?

  1. Yes I heard that they rejected Vogue Africa as well, such a shame:/


  2. I do believe that there is so much talent in Philippine Fashion but if the Philippines really wants to have a vogue franchise they really have to follow the international standards of the industry. Some points that I’ve noticed in your industry are the following:

    1. The fashion week is kind of not “high end”. The designers are great but they use too much actors and actresses and commercial models in the runways. The clothes are amazing but the models don’t give much credibility in carrying it. This point brings me to the second one,

    2. There is some sort of confusion between high-fashion modeling, commercial modeling and beauty pageant. Like I said, some of the models in the runway look like their trying to get into Ms. Universe. The models have to look really
    high-end, couture. And believe me, I saw a lot of beautiful exotic women in the phils whom I thought can be converted into high fashion glamorous women that are worthy of a vogue cover but then, fashion Magazines there prefer to choose popular celebrities that can’t even give you a single moment of frisson. You can only do that if you can find someone as great as Anna Wintour herself and as creative as Grace Coddington who can make an actress reveal her model being.

    3.What is the problem about having too much actresses in the runway or magazines?
    To begin with, the fashion industry is a designer based industry which therefore means during runways the designers and their clothes are the “main attraction” NOT the models. The last time I watched fashion week there, some models walk “too much”
    and it takes away the focus on the GARMENT itself. That actually what makes modeling different from beauty pageants. As a model, you are there to sell and present the clothes, not yourself. As a beauty queen, you walk on that stage to present yourself and to show the world your beautiful and glamorous personality, it does not matter whether they appreciate your clothes or not, the attention of the crowd should be drawn onto you.

    Having said all of that,I also do hope that someday, the Philippines will be able to acquire a franchise. I love going through different fashion industries in the entire world and what they can offer. I can say that Philippine Fashion has some mad potential. It might be a sleeping giant. So Good luck and may the fashion gods and goddesses bring you out from the in depths of obscurity to the vivid effulgence of the international fashion.

    XO, faberge-esque

  3. It would be hard to get Vogue here in Philippines, first we have to pass the legitimacy of the brand and have our own trademark when it comes to fashion. We don’t usually have international brands to boast around the world. And as far as we know Monique L is the only one who made it big when it comes to the international scene.(I really meant big time)
    There would be so many process to be done just to have them notice Philippines as one of the fashion branches in the world.
    And we don’t let real models model in magazines especially in the cover, we are too commercial for a High end magazine.

  4. Chynna Gail Aure

    I want to apply for a position of a team leader/model. I want to be a model someday.

  5. I hope we could have Vogue here in the Philippines, I’m sure It’s gonna top on all of the Magazines here…

  6. Bright Chivaree

    11 years later and now we will have our very own VOGUE PHILIPPINES
    Launching this September 2022

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