Diva Montelaba: The Next Big Thing

With a runner-up finish on the 5th Season of Starstruck a Philippine-Talent search, Diva Montelaba of Cebu have shown everyone that being different is actually an advantage. On what seemed to be a  surprising results of the talent search where half-Filipino, half-Morrocan Sarah Lahbati snatched the title over the talented lass from Cebu — Diva who garnered the most number of public votes among all the female survivors in the competition was denied the Ultimate Survivor title due to low grades from the council who seemed to favor the fair skinned Lahbati who only got a single minor award for a music video test–whereas Montelaba received 2 major awards including Best in Acting and Dancing . Still, the Search’ s first princess is confident that she’ll have a great career ahead of her now that she’s part of the GMA Artists Center.

This 19 year old aspiring actress is expected to rise to stardom quickly–thanks to  her undeniable talent, beauty and charisma . And with her very tall physique, this Cebuana could someday be a beauty queen representing the real “Filipina” beauty.

5 responses to “Diva Montelaba: The Next Big Thing

  1. hi diva,
    im diadema one of your big fan……i know ma sisikat ka pa kay sa kay zarah,,shes not that talented naman ehh unlike you u are a versatile and talented young diva montelaba…GOD BLESS YOU ON YOUR CARRER..we always love you…mwoooaaahhh

  2. diva is the REAL WINNER in our hearts…

  3. ..,hi dae idol jud tika ,..,,dae para nako ,.,.kaw jud ang the best ,..,proud kay ko nimo .,,.dae,.,..,

  4. .,..,.,KAW JUD AND THE BEST PARA NAKO,..,UR NY ULTIMATE FEMALE SURVIVOR.,.,.,ka baw ka taga UC q pero soport jud q nimo kay pareho ta taga CEBU

  5. I just want to express my support to Diva, through this. I strongly believe in her talents. I just hope that GMA will give her good projects and will treat her equally. Best wishes to you Diva. ♥

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