Book Review: The Tinder Chronicles: Complete 3-Volume Series (The Tinder Chronicles #3) (Destined) – Alexa Land

Tinder 3This was the omnibus edition of the series but I’m going to talk about the final installment of the series entitled Destined. Tinder from a young age was taught to hate his enemy – vampires – who also killed his entire family. His attraction to the mysterious and sexy vampire Bane contradicts everything he’s believed in. When an army of vampire was assembled to get rid of the hunters and Bane in particular, Tinder finds himself at the mercy of one vampire and uses it for his and Bane’s survival.

I thought this was the most perfect ending for this series. I loved that Tinder was able to realize by himself that what he’s been doing all his life isn’t so black and white at all. Bane’s love for him didn’t diminish one bit and I loved their shared history together. There’s still the usual flare of Tinder’s snarky remarks, dry humor and oh-so funny banter between them and the secondary characters.

I’m kind of sad for Lee and I hope that he gets to have his own story and some sort of re-awakening as well. Overall, this series totally deliver the goods and will be one of my favorite rereads in the future!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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