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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 7 Review – Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical

Last week’s Rusical was a controversial episode for the diehard fans of the show when fan favorite and season’s frontrunner Gigi Goode was awarded her third maxi challenge win for her “unapologetic” portrayal in the regular musical challenge of the show dedicated for the queen of pop  – Madonna.

Some fans deemed Jan to have been robbed of her first win after delivering a very well-executed “Early Madonna” performance and sashaying the runway with her very accurate Michelle Visage-inspired looks!

Personally, I thought her performance was flawless. Her vocals was amazing, the dance moves was there and her Michelle Visage outfit was on point! What I think made her overall performance “just safe” is the lack of wow factor in it. Maybe because it was expected since we’re seeing the show from behind the scenes up to the actual performance while the judges just get to see the finished product.

Gigi on the other hand has that oomp in her performance. She was Madonna in that performance. The looks, the move and the attitude! It was very exciting! Her outfit, wearing a two-piece bikini  inspired by one of Michelle Visage’s earlier looks with  her band The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.  I actually loved it! Fans were saying that if Gigi wasn’t “beautiful, skinny and white,” she’s be read to filth for parading in that very basic outfit with no reference to what people came to expect from Michelle Visage.

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Yeah they did that

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But that’s the thing! It was actually a near-perfect reference to an earlier Michelle Visage look! She researched and did her assignment and came up with a very unpredictable look! I thought it was genius to be quite honest. And Michelle was a judge herself so she knows that looks from the moment Gigi went appeared in that runway.

Okay, enough of Gigi and Jan. Can we also talk about Miss Jaida Essence Hall? I mean, that performance is just WOW. The sex appeal, her perfect mug and the lyrics! Ugh! I would’ve thought that she’s the one whose fans should cry robbed for her underrated performance! She embodied Erotica on that motherfucking stage! And that runway look is fire! A total Michelle Visage vibe!

Crystal Methyd performance was equally entertaining. Crystal is very likable but it feels that she’s still not doing the maximum effort to actually get noticed. I do hope that she’d come out 100% of her shell soon since we’re halfway through the season. Her ray of light was very charming and her outfit, the redhead Michelle Visage was really refreshing!

Low for me this week are Heidi, Widow and Brita. Whilst I love their confessionals, I seem to forget what they did during their performances and the runway. The Cone Bra Madonna was totally wasted no Brita. I though she’d do well as Evita who went to the queen who should not be named. Heidi on the other hand was still loveable but I didn’t see Madonna nor Michelle in both of her performances on the Rusical and the runway. And for Widow – I’m not sure. It’s too forgettable for me but it looks like she really enjoyed it!

Bottom Two: Brita and Heidi N Closet.

I really thought it was Brita’s time to go. Although the exposure was nice, I feel that it’s going to be too much for her reputation if she stays one more week. Her Madonna was clearly the weakest, but unpopular opinion – I though she’d won that lip-sync again Heidi. Too bad, she’s no storyline to offer anymore.

Do you think Heidi will have a big comeback the next episode or will Miss Goode continue to annihilate the competition?