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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 12 Review – Viva Drag Vegas!

This pen ultimatum episode was one hell of a show with the remaining five queens battling it out for a spot in the finale next week! Gigi, Jaida, Crystal, Jackie and Sherry are will be showcasing their singing and dancing skills as they do a medley from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!

To be quite honest, this episode – there’s not really a bottom performance. I thought all of them performed explicitly good! Although I’ve my favorites and thought that Jaida and Gigi performed to their maximum potential! It was just so good!

On the runway, the queens presented their signature drag – eleganza extravaganza! Gigi and Jaida once again killed this one and I’m really torn now on whom I think should win this season!



Gigi in the end was declared the winner of the maxi-challenge while Jackie Cox and Crystal Methyd found themselves in the bottom. Like what I’ve said earlier – there really is no bottom performance this week and it all boils down to track record which made Jackie Cox the last New York queen to sashay away this season!

So are you #TeamGigi #TeamCrystal or #TeamJaida?

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 11 Review – One-Queen Show

After a non-elimination lip-sync last week, the six remaining queens are back to battle it out to be America’s Next Drag Superstars. Let’s get straight into it…

For the mini-challenge this episode, they brought back the super fun puppet “reading” challenge where each queen were assigned a puppet of their competitor and perform bitchfest with it. Improv queen Jackie Cox was expected to win the challenge and she did while season’s frontrunner Gigi Goode failed miserably and it’s something that you should be skipping when you re-watch the episode.

For the maxi-challenge, the queens were tasked to write and perform a one-queen which should be within Jackie and Heidi’s ally but lo and behold, another queen actually stole the show!

EGOT winner THE ONE AND ONLY Whoopi Goldberg was also there to guide them through this challenge. Lucky bitches! The girls were given good advices and it looks like it is still anyone’s game because none of the queen stood out during their mini-rehearsal with Whoopi and Ru.

As for their performance, I thought Jackie gave the best skit. I love his timing and I love that he started slow and had a build-up. She’s hands down the best this week, IMO.

photo via VH1

The close second is Crystal who presented a hysterical performance! It was funny but wasn’t as good as Jackie’s. Gigi’s performance was actually pretty decent but it’s obvious that all throughout the performance, she was second-guessing herself and look nervous as hell.

Heidi’s routine started okay but it went flat midway and did not recover. The same happened with Jaida who closed the show after Sherry Pie’s inconsiderate 17 minutes performance that was supposed to be 5 minutes only for each queen. I thought Sherry should’ve been in the bottom for this reason alone.

The runway theme is “Color Purple” and the queens up their game for this special runway!

Jaida for me had the best runway look! She’s beautiful, opulent and just ethereal hunty! I daresay that this is her best outfit to date and may be one of the top three outfits of the season!

Gigi wore a Daphne from Scooby Doo costume and she looks flawless as usual! Jackie’s outfit was basically something that Crystal would wear and Crystal is Crystal. She’s a Purple Cow Stunning! Sherry as per usual looks like an old lady. Ugh, I’m getting tired of her face. Heidi, as much as I loved her looks like a pageant girl representing Ramseur.

Lip-sync for your life was between Miss Essence Hall and the blessed and highly favour, Heidi___. I thought they both killed it but Jaida was able to save her ass immediately after having a wig reveal reminiscent of Prince’s haircut while lip-synching of 1999. It was one of the best lip-syncs of the season if I’m being honest.

Heidi will be terribly missed! Her confessions are just total TV gold! A couple of days from today, we’ll know who will make it to the final 4 or perhaps final 3 due to Sherry Pie’s disqualification.

Who do you want to see in the final four?

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 10 Review – Superfan Makeover!

There are six remaining queens in the competition hoping to be part of the upcoming finale in 3 weeks time!

There was no mini challenge this episode, they were instead introduced right away to six female Drag Race super fans who will be participating on the runway as their drag daughters.
Jaida having won the last maxi-challenge assigned the pairings!

Jaida and her daughter won this challenge – mind you, this was Jaida’s third challenge win. She and Gigi who also won three now has the best records in the competition and may very well be in the finale.

I absolutely loved this look. Jaida without question is the face of the competition. Her mug is beat to the gods and the way she resembles her Caucasian daughter is incredible! I’d say that it’s a very well-deserved win.

Crystal and daughter Opal are next giving us, weird but chic clown realness. This is signature Crystal for me. Like the judges, I will also give this a very high grade.

Janet the Planet who unfortunately was chosen to be Sherry Pie’s partner looks absolutely exquisite on stage. I really thought that she’d win this challenge because it was such a transformation and you actually couldn’t tell them apart!

Gigi and Bebe Bad are cute, giving me that spoiled brat Russian heiress realness but I have to agree with guest judge Daisy Ridley – it was just too simple! I wished they actually had a reveal!

I agree with this week’s bottom two – Jackie and Heidi. They have similar concept but the family resemblance and the whole ensemble are kind of off for me.

Fortunately for them, this was a non-elimination episode but if I were to choose the winner from the lip-sync, I’d definitely send Jackie home.

photos via RuPaul’s Drag Race Instagram

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 9 Review – Choices 2020

This was a heartbreaking episode because we saw one of the strongest contestants in the show spiraled down and be sent home simply because she gave up on herself. I knew that during the walk-through when she started doubting herself that she’d be the next one to go. It was such a shame because she’s so just so freaking talented and everyone’s actually rooting for her!

The Widow Von’ Du has unfortunately succumb to her inner saboteur and was sent home by Jackie Cox.

Truth be told, everyone did okay in this political challenge. No one tanked real bad and their runway is one of the most cohesive from this very exciting season.

Mini Challenge winner: Jackie Cox. We all know that improvisation is Jackie’s expertise so it’s inevitable that she’d snatch this mini-win. Her second so far!

The maxi-challenge is called Choices 2020 – a political challenge where the queens will debate on why they should be the next Drag Queen President! Jaida’s timing was so on point which made her the clear stand out. Heidi and Crystal’s personality are showing all throughout while Sherry, Widow and Jackie and Gigi became a bit repetitive. They’re not exactly  bad but their performance didn’t quite measure up to their previous challenge wins / highs.

The category for the runway is Stars and Stripes! I thought Heidi killed this one! Her outfit is definitely my favorite – it was cutesy and just pure Heidi. Second for me would be Crystal – I though it was hip, chic and fresh. Third would be Gigi Good because of her impeccable presentation and that clean-tailoring of that period outfit.

Jackie’s ‘controversial’ outfit on the runway wearing a hijab was a fantastic statement. I loved the concept and the representation behind. Not a fan of the lower part but she definitely sold it.

Widow’s black and white stars and stripe was a stand out and I was so surprised that it didn’t elevate her into the safe category. Color me surprised!

Jaida, the essence of beauty was a deserving winner of this week’s challenge. Along with her sexy outfit  which is always a toot, Miss Hall always know how to deliver. She’s definitely Gigi’s biggest rival at the moment.

The lip-sync was between Jackie and Widow, as mentioned above but it was Jackie whose fire shone brighter than Widow during that Katy Perry’s number. I was expecting Widow to be in the final four but such is the ways of Drag Race. Oh, well…


What can you say about Heidi’s new name on the show? Heidi Hydrates? I’d say she scrap that. It’s terrible! LOL

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 8 Review – Droop

There are eight remaining queens after Brita’s elimination – her third time at the bottom where she was finally sent home by Heidi. I don’t know what to feel about Brita if I’m being quite honest – I thought her “villain edit” was a bit too much, but I live for the drama she’s bringing to the show, like what’s she’s doing is good TV but I feel that the show totally portrayed her negatively! I hope she’s doing alright now, especially after she revealed that she’s been receiving death threats prompting her to take a break from social media.

This week’s mini-challenge is a sponsored ‘reading challenge’ by FabFitFun with partners Jackie Cox and Gigi Goode undeniably winning it – thanks to Jackie’s gift of gab. This challenge wasn’t as exciting as the “Library is Open” reading challenge and I sure hope that this isn’t the main reading challenge though.

The maxi challenge is to create their own products with an accompanied commercial directed by themselves.

I thought this was right at Jackie Cox’ alley and sure enough her commercial is on top of this week’s challenge.

Heidi and Crystal’s personalities were the highlights of their commercial and that made them neck and neck for the win with Heidi getting her first win!

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The bride in black! – I did a little googling after this and found in some cultures wearing a black wedding dress symbolizes their devotion to marriage until death👗🖤 Learn something new every day! ⠀ Also fun fact – I actually didn’t have a veil for this runway so I made one that day from a bra that had lace on the cups! ⠀ Follow me on all social media: @HeidiNCloset (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) @TheHeidiNCloset (TikTok) ⠀ #dragqueen #instadrag #dragcon #dragqueensofinstagram #welovequeens #rupaul #rupaulsdragrace #rpdr #dragshow #rpdrseason12 #season12 #instadragqueen #lgbtq #softandsssupple #funandfestive #blessedandhighlyfavored #teamgap #vh1 #worldofwonder #dragrace @vh1 @rupaulsdragrace @worldofwonder

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Gigi, Widow, Sherry and Jan’s commercial tanked real bad that their only saving grace was the runway.

The runway challenge’s theme is black wedding and it was next level breathtaking particularly Crystal’s death becomes her wedding bride look! Her makeup skills, the concept of it and her presentation is absolutely snatched! I personally thought that she should’ve won the episode because her runway is way stronger than Heidi.

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Which lewk was your fav? ✨ #DragRace

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Gigi’s Dior’s New Look inspired wedding dress is pure perfection! Gigi can do no wrong in the runway! She knows she’s beautiful, she walks like a supermodel and she just knows her body! Gigi is definitely the runway diva of the season!

I absolutely loved the Maleficent-inspired look of Jan’s wedding gown so it boggles me that it didn’t save her from the bottom. I guess, narrative-wise, just Jan does not have much to offer?

Widow’s absolutely amazing too! With her non-seeing contacts and her beautiful train! Ugh! She’s absolutely stunning!

My least favorite runway look is Jackie’s because girl was stiffer than a corpse. I liked the story behind it but it doesn’t have that wow factor. That being said, her commercial was too strong that cancels out her weak runway.

Lip-sync For Your Life:
Widow vs Jan.
Widow is a lip-sync assasin and it’s inevitable that she’d win this over Jan who is equally talented too but didn’t get her shine much in the show! I could totally see an AllStars rudemption for her though, so there’s that. This was Widow’s bringing her A-game performing in front of THE Chaka Khan!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 7 Review – Madonna: The Unauthorized Rusical

Last week’s Rusical was a controversial episode for the diehard fans of the show when fan favorite and season’s frontrunner Gigi Goode was awarded her third maxi challenge win for her “unapologetic” portrayal in the regular musical challenge of the show dedicated for the queen of pop  – Madonna.

Some fans deemed Jan to have been robbed of her first win after delivering a very well-executed “Early Madonna” performance and sashaying the runway with her very accurate Michelle Visage-inspired looks!

Personally, I thought her performance was flawless. Her vocals was amazing, the dance moves was there and her Michelle Visage outfit was on point! What I think made her overall performance “just safe” is the lack of wow factor in it. Maybe because it was expected since we’re seeing the show from behind the scenes up to the actual performance while the judges just get to see the finished product.


Gigi on the other hand has that oomp in her performance. She was Madonna in that performance. The looks, the move and the attitude! It was very exciting! Her outfit, wearing a two-piece bikini  inspired by one of Michelle Visage’s earlier looks with  her band The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M.  I actually loved it! Fans were saying that if Gigi wasn’t “beautiful, skinny and white,” she’s be read to filth for parading in that very basic outfit with no reference to what people came to expect from Michelle Visage.

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Yeah they did that

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But that’s the thing! It was actually a near-perfect reference to an earlier Michelle Visage look! She researched and did her assignment and came up with a very unpredictable look! I thought it was genius to be quite honest. And Michelle was a judge herself so she knows that looks from the moment Gigi went appeared in that runway.

Okay, enough of Gigi and Jan. Can we also talk about Miss Jaida Essence Hall? I mean, that performance is just WOW. The sex appeal, her perfect mug and the lyrics! Ugh! I would’ve thought that she’s the one whose fans should cry robbed for her underrated performance! She embodied Erotica on that motherfucking stage! And that runway look is fire! A total Michelle Visage vibe!

Crystal Methyd performance was equally entertaining. Crystal is very likable but it feels that she’s still not doing the maximum effort to actually get noticed. I do hope that she’d come out 100% of her shell soon since we’re halfway through the season. Her ray of light was very charming and her outfit, the redhead Michelle Visage was really refreshing!

Low for me this week are Heidi, Widow and Brita. Whilst I love their confessionals, I seem to forget what they did during their performances and the runway. The Cone Bra Madonna was totally wasted no Brita. I though she’d do well as Evita who went to the queen who should not be named. Heidi on the other hand was still loveable but I didn’t see Madonna nor Michelle in both of her performances on the Rusical and the runway. And for Widow – I’m not sure. It’s too forgettable for me but it looks like she really enjoyed it!

Bottom Two: Brita and Heidi N Closet.

I really thought it was Brita’s time to go. Although the exposure was nice, I feel that it’s going to be too much for her reputation if she stays one more week. Her Madonna was clearly the weakest, but unpopular opinion – I though she’d won that lip-sync again Heidi. Too bad, she’s no storyline to offer anymore.

Do you think Heidi will have a big comeback the next episode or will Miss Goode continue to annihilate the competition?

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 6 Review – Snatch Game


TOP: Wow! I didn’t think Miss Gigi could pull it off!!! She was so funny and on-point!!! You could tell that she really rehearsed this seriously!!!

Love me some Jackie!!! Spot on impersonation of Lisa down to her cardigan!

SAFE: Heidi’s hilarious but it felt like I’m just watching Miss Heidi herself.

I wished Widow brought a longer wig for that. It looks like a really short mane. I wished she did the legendary Miss Aretha Franklin instead.

Jan faded a bit for me. I only remembered the weed answer but she wasn’t that bad at all, just not memorable.

I thought Jaida was funny but not fully committed.

BOTTOM: Aiden and Brita were cringy af.

[Redacted] is Katherine Hepburn with all the Parkinsons joke is very uncomfortable. Upon googling, I’ve learned that she’s actually got Essential Tremors (KH).


As for the runway looks – I thought Jaida, Jackie and Jan had the best looks!

TOP Jaida is giving me Jadis from Narnia vibes! I loved the top and the hair and her make up! Her flawless mug! Ugh!!!!

I loved A blonde Jackie! It suits her!!! ‘Loved the silhouette of her gown!

Jan’s concept was wow!!! Loved the white walker and the wig reveal!!!

SAFE Gigi’s outfit was really cute! It’s cut to perfection and her make up – flawless! I’m putting her as safe because this didn’t wow me the way the the three J’s did. I want a big ballgown or something dramatic from her next time!

Crystal’s outfit is chic indeed, as Ru mentioned! Love her make up and her pulled back wig! Same reason with Gigi’s outfit – it feels very ‘safe’

REDACTED’s outfit was actually beautiful. Not spectacularly beautiful but good enough to sail through to the next round.

BOTTOM: Widow – I loved the concept and I immediately got the reference the moment she went out to that runway but I thought the execution was messy. It’s Frozen Eleganza after all.

Like what most of you sis are complaining about Gigi’s outfits having the same silhouette, it’s also the case with Brita from New York rolls eyes. I didn’t like the color. I thought if she made it with white or silver, it would’ve been magic.

Aiden – I don’t know what to say. I love her uniqueness but this was just a mess for me.

I’m a Gigi stan and I am extremely happy that she won the maxi challenge because she really killed it but I really thought at first that Jackie will get her first win because her Snatch was solid and her outfit – ugh, get out of here! She looks marvelous! But yeah, I get why Gigi won the whole thing considering her perfect snatch game and flawless execution on the runway!!! Gosh, this bitch is annihilating the competition and I cannot even pinpoint her rival for the crown!

Aiden vs. Brita’s lip-sync. I cannot. It was horrible. The only thing good about it was the snow falling. I thought it should’ve been a double sashay.

I feel like this season has only given us just one great lipsync so far and that is the first episode and it was not even a LSFYL episode!

I wonder if Brita will go home next week or will she get a Rudemptopn arc?