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Calista Reborn: Rebodying A Calista BFC Doll!

I was so happy that I was finally able to get a body for my Calista doll that I bought a couple of months ago. I was inspired by Niel’s Doll Room post regarding his Aleisha BFC Ink doll that he re-bodied and turned it into a really beautiful mature doll!

This time though, I’m doing it with my Calista doll. I’ve been going back and forth to a nearby thrift store and I finally spotted this articulated AA Barbie (?) that I figured will match Calista’s head! And look what she turned into….



I renamed her, Leila – in honor of the Miss Universe winner from Angola, Miss Leila Lopes.



My only problem right now is finding her some shoes! She has very big feet! If I’m unable to find one, I guess I have to make ‘em myself. LOL


FYI: Calista is only my second AA doll, I’m still in search of many colored divas that I find really beautiful!

– dollsontop