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Articulated Barbie Basics and Barbie Fashionista Body Comparison

I finally took Oxana out of her box and made a body comparison between her and the Barbie Fashionista Artsy.

Artsy’s body is fuller compared to Oxana’s body although the latter was a bit taller.



I was a bit disappointed deboxing Oxana because her shoes aren’t that firm/strong. Her arms are a bit difficult to pose and she’s got some plastic sewn on her hair and I really had a hard time removing it.

What the heck is this?

What the heck is this?

After removing the plastic. She's still very pretty though

After removing the plastic. She’s still very pretty though

I’m planning to re-dressed her and take some good pictures of her(hopefully) haha. She now reminds me of a latina Miss Universe contestant…I won’t rename her though. She’s still Oxana to me.

– dollsontop