RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 12 Review – Viva Drag Vegas!

This pen ultimatum episode was one hell of a show with the remaining five queens battling it out for a spot in the finale next week! Gigi, Jaida, Crystal, Jackie and Sherry are will be showcasing their singing and dancing skills as they do a medley from the RuPaul’s Drag Race Live!

To be quite honest, this episode – there’s not really a bottom performance. I thought all of them performed explicitly good! Although I’ve my favorites and thought that Jaida and Gigi performed to their maximum potential! It was just so good!

On the runway, the queens presented their signature drag – eleganza extravaganza! Gigi and Jaida once again killed this one and I’m really torn now on whom I think should win this season!


Gigi in the end was declared the winner of the maxi-challenge while Jackie Cox and Crystal Methyd found themselves in the bottom. Like what I’ve said earlier – there really is no bottom performance this week and it all boils down to track record which made Jackie Cox the last New York queen to sashay away this season!

So are you #TeamGigi #TeamCrystal or #TeamJaida?

Your Thoughts?

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