RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 10 Review – Superfan Makeover!

There are six remaining queens in the competition hoping to be part of the upcoming finale in 3 weeks time!

There was no mini challenge this episode, they were instead introduced right away to six female Drag Race super fans who will be participating on the runway as their drag daughters.
Jaida having won the last maxi-challenge assigned the pairings!

Jaida and her daughter won this challenge – mind you, this was Jaida’s third challenge win. She and Gigi who also won three now has the best records in the competition and may very well be in the finale.

I absolutely loved this look. Jaida without question is the face of the competition. Her mug is beat to the gods and the way she resembles her Caucasian daughter is incredible! I’d say that it’s a very well-deserved win.

Crystal and daughter Opal are next giving us, weird but chic clown realness. This is signature Crystal for me. Like the judges, I will also give this a very high grade.

Janet the Planet who unfortunately was chosen to be Sherry Pie’s partner looks absolutely exquisite on stage. I really thought that she’d win this challenge because it was such a transformation and you actually couldn’t tell them apart!

Gigi and Bebe Bad are cute, giving me that spoiled brat Russian heiress realness but I have to agree with guest judge Daisy Ridley – it was just too simple! I wished they actually had a reveal!

I agree with this week’s bottom two – Jackie and Heidi. They have similar concept but the family resemblance and the whole ensemble are kind of off for me.

Fortunately for them, this was a non-elimination episode but if I were to choose the winner from the lip-sync, I’d definitely send Jackie home.

photos via RuPaul’s Drag Race Instagram

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