RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 9 Review – Choices 2020

This was a heartbreaking episode because we saw one of the strongest contestants in the show spiraled down and be sent home simply because she gave up on herself. I knew that during the walk-through when she started doubting herself that she’d be the next one to go. It was such a shame because she’s so just so freaking talented and everyone’s actually rooting for her!

The Widow Von’ Du has unfortunately succumb to her inner saboteur and was sent home by Jackie Cox.

Truth be told, everyone did okay in this political challenge. No one tanked real bad and their runway is one of the most cohesive from this very exciting season.

Mini Challenge winner: Jackie Cox. We all know that improvisation is Jackie’s expertise so it’s inevitable that she’d snatch this mini-win. Her second so far!

The maxi-challenge is called Choices 2020 – a political challenge where the queens will debate on why they should be the next Drag Queen President! Jaida’s timing was so on point which made her the clear stand out. Heidi and Crystal’s personality are showing all throughout while Sherry, Widow and Jackie and Gigi became a bit repetitive. They’re not exactly  bad but their performance didn’t quite measure up to their previous challenge wins / highs.

The category for the runway is Stars and Stripes! I thought Heidi killed this one! Her outfit is definitely my favorite – it was cutesy and just pure Heidi. Second for me would be Crystal – I though it was hip, chic and fresh. Third would be Gigi Good because of her impeccable presentation and that clean-tailoring of that period outfit.

Jackie’s ‘controversial’ outfit on the runway wearing a hijab was a fantastic statement. I loved the concept and the representation behind. Not a fan of the lower part but she definitely sold it.

Widow’s black and white stars and stripe was a stand out and I was so surprised that it didn’t elevate her into the safe category. Color me surprised!

Jaida, the essence of beauty was a deserving winner of this week’s challenge. Along with her sexy outfit  which is always a toot, Miss Hall always know how to deliver. She’s definitely Gigi’s biggest rival at the moment.

The lip-sync was between Jackie and Widow, as mentioned above but it was Jackie whose fire shone brighter than Widow during that Katy Perry’s number. I was expecting Widow to be in the final four but such is the ways of Drag Race. Oh, well…


What can you say about Heidi’s new name on the show? Heidi Hydrates? I’d say she scrap that. It’s terrible! LOL

Your Thoughts?

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