RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 8 Review – Droop

There are eight remaining queens after Brita’s elimination – her third time at the bottom where she was finally sent home by Heidi. I don’t know what to feel about Brita if I’m being quite honest – I thought her “villain edit” was a bit too much, but I live for the drama she’s bringing to the show, like what’s she’s doing is good TV but I feel that the show totally portrayed her negatively! I hope she’s doing alright now, especially after she revealed that she’s been receiving death threats prompting her to take a break from social media.

This week’s mini-challenge is a sponsored ‘reading challenge’ by FabFitFun with partners Jackie Cox and Gigi Goode undeniably winning it – thanks to Jackie’s gift of gab. This challenge wasn’t as exciting as the “Library is Open” reading challenge and I sure hope that this isn’t the main reading challenge though.

The maxi challenge is to create their own products with an accompanied commercial directed by themselves.

I thought this was right at Jackie Cox’ alley and sure enough her commercial is on top of this week’s challenge.

Heidi and Crystal’s personalities were the highlights of their commercial and that made them neck and neck for the win with Heidi getting her first win!

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The bride in black! – I did a little googling after this and found in some cultures wearing a black wedding dress symbolizes their devotion to marriage until death👗🖤 Learn something new every day! ⠀ Also fun fact – I actually didn’t have a veil for this runway so I made one that day from a bra that had lace on the cups! ⠀ Follow me on all social media: @HeidiNCloset (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) @TheHeidiNCloset (TikTok) ⠀ #dragqueen #instadrag #dragcon #dragqueensofinstagram #welovequeens #rupaul #rupaulsdragrace #rpdr #dragshow #rpdrseason12 #season12 #instadragqueen #lgbtq #softandsssupple #funandfestive #blessedandhighlyfavored #teamgap #vh1 #worldofwonder #dragrace @vh1 @rupaulsdragrace @worldofwonder

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Gigi, Widow, Sherry and Jan’s commercial tanked real bad that their only saving grace was the runway.

The runway challenge’s theme is black wedding and it was next level breathtaking particularly Crystal’s death becomes her wedding bride look! Her makeup skills, the concept of it and her presentation is absolutely snatched! I personally thought that she should’ve won the episode because her runway is way stronger than Heidi.

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Which lewk was your fav? ✨ #DragRace

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Gigi’s Dior’s New Look inspired wedding dress is pure perfection! Gigi can do no wrong in the runway! She knows she’s beautiful, she walks like a supermodel and she just knows her body! Gigi is definitely the runway diva of the season!

I absolutely loved the Maleficent-inspired look of Jan’s wedding gown so it boggles me that it didn’t save her from the bottom. I guess, narrative-wise, just Jan does not have much to offer?

Widow’s absolutely amazing too! With her non-seeing contacts and her beautiful train! Ugh! She’s absolutely stunning!

My least favorite runway look is Jackie’s because girl was stiffer than a corpse. I liked the story behind it but it doesn’t have that wow factor. That being said, her commercial was too strong that cancels out her weak runway.

Lip-sync For Your Life:
Widow vs Jan.
Widow is a lip-sync assasin and it’s inevitable that she’d win this over Jan who is equally talented too but didn’t get her shine much in the show! I could totally see an AllStars rudemption for her though, so there’s that. This was Widow’s bringing her A-game performing in front of THE Chaka Khan!

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