Book Review: The General and the Horse-Lord – Sarah Black

“I NEVER want you to regret loving me.” Gabriel’s hands were gentle, moving down his chest.
“How could I? That would be like regretting the way my heart beats.” 

via Goodreads

via Goodreads


General John Mitchel and his favorite pilot Gabriel Sanchez served in the military for more than twenty years and have also been lovers for as long as they’ve worked together. After retirement, both men decided to give their love a chance to be in the open. But are they ready to face the consequence of this one big move?

I’m actually utterly floored by this story from Sarah Black. It’s just wow. After a disappointing read via Marathon Cowboys, it’s as if I already expected this to disappoint me but no. This is a gem. The storyline was a realistic one with characters so utterly likeable that you can’t help but totally feel for them and the life they could’ve had together long before their retirement. There’s this bittersweet melancholy about the couple’s relationship. I also love Kim’s [John’s nephew] colorful personality that somehow became a catalyst for John and Gabriel to finally come out in the open. It’s a lovely departure from the too good to be true stories tackling similar theme.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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