Book Review: Love & Loyalty – Tere Michaels

17798654[Book 2 of Faith, Love, & Devotion Series]

Much in the same fashion the first book was written, Love & Loyalty tells the story of Detective James “Jim” Shea with his seemingly mundane existence as a forty-plus year old police detective who stumbled upon the young and sexy Hollywood screenwriter Griffin Drake who is after the story of his latest case. This book basically narrates the lives of these men as they navigate their way through love – something that neither has had much success in the past. I don’t want to compare this with the first and the third series detailing the much complicated love and family life of Matt and Evan but I’m looking for that extra spice in the story. To begin with, I didn’t get so much feel on both Jim and Griffin. I didn’t feel any attachment at all. I was actually more connected with them when they both appeared in the third book. Secondly, the conflict was a bit weak rendering the story anticlimactic. I was thinking that perhaps Jim’s predicament is way simpler (less complicated, that is) since he’s basically a proud gay man, rich and was just waiting for the right guy – the other couple didn’t get it that easy I guess. Despite all of these criticism, I still enjoyed reading it, though, not as much as the other books from the series.

 Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Your Thoughts?

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