Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Finale (Episode 13) – The Girl That Wins It All!

After twelve weeks, the competition is now down to three girls battling it out to be this season’s Asia’s Next Top Model. Sheena is the girl who could give you good pictures but not good enough to clinch the top spot of any shoot from the past episodes. So are we up for a mediocre finish from this driven Malaysian model or is she ready to give it all for the final show and deliver a stunning photo and topple the competition? Katarina on the other hand have shown that she’s not only the face of the competition but she could also be a threat for the title by delivering some outstanding shots that catapult her on top getting two first call-outs that ultimately led her to the finale. Is she peaking a little too late or will Katarina battle it out like there’s no tomorrow and prove to everyone that she’s really the right gal for the title? Or is it going to be fellow Filipina finalist Jodilly, whose height, runway skills and sunny personality be the formidable force that will hinder the dreams of the other two to win the coveted title? Delivering outstanding photo after another, Jodilly’s versatility did not go unnoticed in the competition by receiving two best photo award and winning some of the challenges. Will this be enough for this sweet gal from the Philippines to win it all or are we still up for more come final showdown?

Katarina placing third

Katarina placing third

Jodilly's the runner-up

Jodilly’s the runner-up

Sheena is your Asia's Next Top Model

Sheena is your Asia’s Next Top Model


4 responses to “Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Finale (Episode 13) – The Girl That Wins It All!

  1. I think that sheena must be eliminated in episode 11 cause i found her not having that verymuch potential than katarina and jodilly. But for me, katarina wins.

  2. let’s face it guys. SHeena won because she’s malaysian and most of the judges in the finals are Malaysia. This is an atrocity! Atleast Tyra will truly validate why a certain contestant won like when Whitney won the Cycle 10. Anya is stronger but Whitney’s consistent as well and she had a very strong run especially with her covergirl commercial and photo. In asia, sheena is not even pretty or “ugly-pretty” to begin with. she doesn’t look like a model at all. she looks like a model troll. please cancel this show altogether. This is craziness at its peak! or better yet, replace that stupid nadya host. stupid girl. you aren’t even a great model to begin with. liu wen should host this stupid show and have atleast 1 judges coming from each participating countries. but i guess that won’t happen becaus e this is a stupid show with a stupid host and an undeserving winner.

  3. Jodilly is out of this world !

  4. OMG Sheena her photo lack of beauty,.pose and rythym but jodilly and katarina star the show see katarina she looked a like Hollywood star Liz Taylor and jodilly she look a princess on twighlights but Sheena she look like iguana and gecko and see she her eyes was close but that’s all I want to win katarina because she’s so preety and her beauty is world class and jodilly have a European beauty and Sheena still Asian face without beauty…….

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