Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 12 – Harper’s Bazaar Shoot

Four girls are still in the competition and this time, it’s anybody’s ballgame. Malaysian girl Sheena is still very much alive after a top finish last episode wanting to prove herself. Japanese Marie on the other hand is still trying to stay afloat despite steep competition. Meanwhile, the two aspiring top model from the Philippines – Jodilly and Katarina – are on a roll, keeping it strong in the hopes of becoming Asia’s Next Top Model.



This is no doubt Katja’s best shot to date – as in EVER! I’m just glad that she peaked at the right time. This is really smashing and I could totally see this in any fashion magazine! Her left fingers are just a bit weird but overall, I love how dynamic her shot was!



Wow! Jodillycious! This is Jodilly showing her sensual side and those legs are just never-ending! She’s totally selling the dress and those shoes! Work it girl!



I do not like this shot at all. I like Sheena as a model but this isn’t just working for me. I thought the styling doesn’t suit her and the posing was just awkward. She could’ve given more.



I love the dynamic of Marie’s photo but I’m not sold by her body movements which looks a bit awkward that it’s almost stiff.

First Call Out: Katarina
2nd: Jodilly
Bottom Two: Sheena & Marie
Eliminated: Marie

So with the judges decision to let go of Marie, the finale was set witj Katarina, Jodilly and Sheena to battle it out for the ultimate prize. So who’s it going to be?

via Asia’s Next Top Model

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