December To Remember In Sagada! (December 2013)

Yeah, I know. Three’s a charm for me in 2013 – I have a special connection with Sagada that’s why I keep on coming back. Like what I’ve posted previously, there is a feeling of serenity whenever I visit this place.

This time around, I was with my very best friend Dek! I’ve been asking him for quite a while now to go and come with me to Sagada but because of his dayjob, he cannot really commit. Lo and behold though, in December – our schedule suddenly matched! He was transferred to a new program and was given several days of vacation leaves! How amazing is that? Finally, Dek will finally see the beauty that I’ve been raving about since we’ve met!

This is a trip of first times though. It was actually Dek’s first time to visit here and since we’re going the Baguio-Sagada trip, Dek also got the chance to check out the city of pines for the first time!

So for this trip,we didn’t do any bus booking – you see, it’s crazy for us to do that because it’s the holiday – it was the freaking December 27! We’re basically chance passengers to any bus companies that could take us to Baguio. Eventually, we settled for Dagupan Bus Company. Earlier in the afternoon of December 27, we’re waiting for the Genesis Bus Baguio trip but we were told that it’d be later in the night that the bus will be arriving so we’re to take a chance at Dagupan’s and can you believe that I’ve to stand until we reached Mabalacat, Pampanga? Oh well, I told you it’s a trip of first time right?

Dek's first time in Baguio!

Dek’s first time in Baguio!

We arrived in Baguio City at around three in the morning so we have ample time to check out the city. We went to Burnham Park and the areas surrounding it. It was pretty nice though, it reminded me during my first time in Baguio with my family during my teen years. It was the holy week and we’ve to sleep in the park along with many tourists! It was fun though.

inside the Burnham Park

inside the Burnham Park

Anyways, so we walked around Baguio (SM, the church, Wet Market, Session Road) and we even got lost because I can’t seem to remember the bus terminal for Sagada until it suddenly dawned on me that we’re just walking in circle and the terminal’s just beside the wet market! lol

There were tons of tourist and locals at the terminal and the wait was pretty long. We’re able to get hold of the first trip and I’m telling you, it was freezing!!! It was another six hours to Sagada so we rested a little and ready ourself for the even colder Sagada…

To be continued…

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