2013 Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 8 Finale – The Top Three!

Final 3 Duckie Melissa And ShanaliAnd we’re down to the final three who will battle it out on Tuesday to succeed Montana Cox in the hopes of becoming Australia’s Next Top Model. This season is all about diversity! If you’ve been following the show, we have three unique girls who made it all the way to the finale. Since I like these three girls, I decided to make a portfolio battle and stamped the name of the girl whom I think nailed each shoot! So let’s start…

50s housewife Alien Shot Androgyny Shot Colgate Shoot Cosmopolitan Shot Desert Angels Shoot JailBirds Lost Travelers Mermaid Shot Sports luxe Swimwear Shoot Vintage Lingerie in Hyde Park ShootSo apparently, Melissa has got my vote to win this season. I’m such a fan of this girl from the very start and I’m glad she’s part of the top 3. Close second would be Duckie who has been very consistent all through out. Lastly is Shanali whom I think is the chosen one by the judges. We’ll see this coming Tuesday how this all would wrap up – I’m just hoping for the best girl to win this season!


photos c/o Australia’s Next Top Model

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