Sagada’s Pongas Falls Isn’t Small At All! (June 2013)

Me, Chelle and Topher

Me, Chelle and Topher

On my second day during my first solo backpacking trip in Sagada, I met the two “bakasiyonistas” – a couple named Chelle and Topher. They’re from Tarlac and Topher can speak kapampangan (the dialect I speak!) They’re also staying at the Residential Lodge (same floor as well) and I guess, them speaking the same language made us comfortable with one another and we easily hit it off!

Edwin, Chelle and Topher

Edwin, Chelle and Topher

We talked about the tours to do here and we decided to go to the SAGGAS (Sagada Genuine Guides Association) office, we thought that going to a Falls would be an interesting activity. We opted to walk the 6 kilometers distance from the office to the Pongas Falls aka Small Falls with the help ofcourse of our guide, Edwin.

The beautiful Pongas Falls

The beautiful Pongas Falls


The hike was ardous but reaching the falls was all worth it. As expected, the water was freezing and the stream was moderate enough allowing us to swim on it.


swimming at the clear and freezing stream!

swimming at the clear and freezing stream!


We stayed for about an hour and decided to hike back since it started raining but then, the sun smiled at us again. Walking back was very tiring though (I feel like running out of oxygen so I was sooo lagging behind.)

we have to cross this bridge again...

we have to cross this bridge again…


dead to the world

dead to the world

Upon reaching the inn, I immediately showered and dozed off before heading for dinner. It was just a nap though since the couple and I decided to get some drinks after dinner before calling it a day.

to be continued…

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  1. I love the enhancement! Great editing! I’m a fan of your new blog! Keep it up paddylast!

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