My Solo Backpacking In Sagada (June 2013)

It was my second time in Sagada and this time, I’m doing it on my own. For this trip, I didn’t really have a clear itinerary. All I wanted to do was to enjoy the whole adventure as they unfold in front of me and of course, just do everything on my own pace.

Having no itinerary at all, I still did at least little research. After all, it’s been two years since I stepped into this place. First, I checked more travel blogs and more websites for the best inn/s where I could stay. The last time I was here, I was with my buddy Dominic, we stayed at St.Joseph Inn – as much as I’d love to go back there, I opted to check some more options because I wanted to try something new. After some inquiries and reading rave reviews online, I was able to booked two nights at the Residential Lodge for P700 (roughly 16USD.) Aside from the great reviews by its guests, it’s relatively lower than St. Joseph’s 500 a day economy rates (with no hot showers back then).

Going back to this place, I still opted to use Cable Tours which offers tours from Manila to Bontoc – still for the same rate from the first time I went there (it’s still P650) The ride wasn’t pleasant at all though and it was a bit bumpy on the way and I was seated beside a really huge guy who snore loudly all throughout the trip (that was a bit of a nightmare to be honest.)


Right after the close to 10 hours ride, we finally reached the Bontoc proper and went to the jeepney terminal to take me to Sagada. Time travel is still about 45 minutes to an hour and the fare was still the same – P45, about a dollar.


Seeing Sagada once more made me feel home for some reason. It is like an emotional reunion for me with this place. Do you know that feeling that you belong to that place? There’s some kind of serenity in it…

To be continued…

Your Thoughts?

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