Articulated Barbie Basics – Model No.4 Oxana!

I was at the local ToysRUs this afternoon looking for something new when I was approached by this nice salesman telling me that the articulated Barbie Basics have just arrived recently but they only have the Model No.4 – I was elated about this news but I was actually waiting for the ice-blonde one. Anyhoo, when I saw the Model No.4, I was like in awe! She’s very pretty and she’s got this super glamorous aura that I do not have in any of my dolls. I decided to buy it but when I was at the counter, I kept thinking if I should wait for the blonde one. Anyways, I decided to postpone buying it because I don’t think I would like her as much as I love the blonde one in pictures.


Just about 3 hours ago though, I went to a mall near my place to watch Contagion which is pretty good by the way and can’t stop thinking about the doll. So before the movie starts in about 30mins, I decided to go check their toy store and I’m so lucky to find her there! Yay! I was told by the cashier personnel that RICHWELL Trading (the local distributor of Barbie here) only released about a hundred piece of the Model No.4 and that’s the only release that they’ve gotten so far (no news about the other two). So right there and then, I decided to buy this beauty because I might regret not buying it and now I feel so happy about her being part of the family.

Retail Price: P1,599.75 = US$37

Retail Price: P1,599.75 = US$37

I decided to name her Oxana because she reminds me of Oxana Fedorova who’s a Russian beauty queen who won the 2002 Miss Universe Pageant but was later dethroned. I think the name suits her so well!

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe Winner 2002 (dethroned)

Oxana Fedorova, Miss Universe Winner 2002 (dethroned)


I took some not so good pictures of her inside the box. I’m still deciding whether to debox her or not but ofcourse, I won’t be able to control myself so probably, by any second now – she’ll be out. For now though, enjoy the first pictures I took of her.

– dollsontop

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