Muse Of The Month: Amanda Brohman

My Muse Of The Month Post was delayed due to some unfortunate circumstances but It’s for a good reason because I’m able to find the rightful Muse to feature, ending this good year of 2010!

D.O.B:  March 8, 1994

16 Year Old Amanda Brohman who hails from Sweden is the chosen one! I’m so impressed with how well she translate her thoughts into her fashion. A very smart fashionista; and with her young age, I’m sure that she’ll evolve more into a fiercer trend-setting guru!

You can be smart while you wear the latest trends. And that fashion is a form of art, the art we live our lives in. Every day, regardless of age, regardless of appearance. – Amanda.

Here’s our exclusive online interview with Amanda

What Is Your Usual Garbs?
I don’t have any usual garbs, I really don’t. I can wear a cute skirt or dress one day, and the next a pair of baggy jeans: and I think that shows off in my looks, I never look the same.
Where Do You Get Your Inspirations?
From everywhere! From fashion magazines as well as from my gorgeous, stylish friends – I swear, they are so much more stylish than me! And I’m also inspired by various movies, my latest look was (for example) inspired by “The French Lieutenant’s Woman” – amazing movie and amazing costume design!
Who Are Your Favorite Designers?
I am a very diverse fashionista, I guess. I mix clothes from H&M , Monki and TopShop with vintage goodies and desginers such as Acne and Whyred. I adore Acne’s clothes – they are very revolutionary in their way of creating new clothes, they mix the traditional and sofisticated with the crazy, futuristic and minimalistic trends- I always feel comfortable wearing their clothes.
Also, classic designers such as Chanel and Lanvin are among my favourites!
Who are your fave models?
I’m not sure I have any favourite models, I’m not very good at model names (unfortunately!) – mostly I’m inspired by actresses and other bloggers. I love the “Gossip Girls” , the “Sex and the City girls” as well as more classic actresses such as Katherine Hepburn and Meryl Streep: they both have really classy styles. And Meryl is one of those who knows how to dress for her age, without looking old: and that’s sooo inspiring, for a young fashionista: style at every age.
What Are Your Fave Shows?
Well, “Sex and the City” of course! How can you be a fashionista and not love that show? Also, I love Project Runway – a really great show, inspirirng reality show.

What Are The Three Things That Are Always in Your Purse?
Hm…well, that’s tough one. I always carry my iPhone with me(I have my whole life in it, basically: it’s my brain, I need it.), a goodlipstick or lipgloss and my credit card – because I always find the best fashion items when I’m not planning to buy anything.

Isn’t she amazing?!?

Check Her Out!


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2 responses to “Muse Of The Month: Amanda Brohman

  1. Damn you confused me with your blogs sites… eerr you have two..

    Looks like I am getting all my Urban Decay wish list.. 😛
    all what I wanted.. from the powder, to the eyelines and few more.. 😛

    Aren’t I a spoiled baby?


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