America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 6 Rodeo Drive with Patrick Demarchelier

Next Week’s episode will see the girls being shot by world-renowned photographer Patrick Demarchelier in Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive paired with each other. Will Ann continue her FCO streak and kill the competition? Will Chelsey be intimidated by Ann’s 4 FCO’s in a row? Is Esther fierce enough to take down Kayla? Will Chris have her moments for not having a fellow-competitor in her photo? Will Liz masculine stride outshine the elegant Kendal or will Jane finally step up her game and kick Kacey out of the competition??

•Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier

© 2010 The CW Television Network

Chelsey and Ann


Esther and Kayla

Jane and Kacey

ByeBye Kacey!

Kendal and Liz

Call-Out Order

First Call-Out: Ann (5th Consecutive First Call Out)

Jane, Kendal, Esther, Chris, Chelsey,Liz

Challenge Winner: Kacey

Bottom Two: Kayla and Kacey

Eliminated: Kacey


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9 responses to “America’s Next Top Model Cycle 15 Episode 6 Rodeo Drive with Patrick Demarchelier

  1. seriously, i think Jane got the best shot here. if ann wins again, am so going to boycott ANTM. really.

  2. the best is chris obviously, but jane^s shot was amazing, ann was ok, i dont thing that her photoshot was so great but still good, and kayla i dont know but she isnt memorable right now, and kacey what the f&%&%&%! she is so horrible i prefer last week leslie OMG kendal and esther are in the middle and poor chelsey she will be in the bottom with kacey

  3. Chelsey and Ann IMO has got the best group shots while the best Close-up would have to be Chelsey.

    The Best Full Body Shot for me is Ann –she’s totally owning the competition

  4. Group photo for me would be ann and chelsey’s
    Solo full body photos – ANN (not even wearing heels love it)
    Solo close up – Ann althoug i liked Jane’s but still i go for Ann..

    As for chris, the one that caught my attention.. really.. is the guy.. he was sooo cute.. haha

  5. mmm what? chris in the photo with the guy is so adorable and her photoshot was amazing compares to ann, but ann still good, but chris was betterrrrr! and ann is the same face again again again again, she doesnt smile jeejejej sorry! but its the truth chris won this photoshot

  6. Diana Massey-Gray

    YouTube removed the rest of America’s Next Top Model cycle 15. I am unable to watch it on CW tv because I am in the UK. Is there anyone who knows how I can get to see the rest of the episodes?

  7. I think Ann should be the winner of this cycle IF photos are the only basis… When commercials, go-sees and runways come into the picture… that’s another story… unless Ann can get some self-confidence and great runway walks…

  8. i really like chris group shot with the male model. soooo adoreable. ann’s solo pic looks really fierce.

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