America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 6 Recap

6th Episode ANTM22So yesterday’s episode didn’t really give us something to really talk about…like, not really. For one, at the very beginning – Ava’s already whining of not wanting to be in the competition or not joining the show for the drama and all. I’m like, girl – this is ANTM so yeah… go ahead and get gone…

Then Justin gladly informed us that he and Mame are Eco-warriors! Yay! –uhm. Okay.

And then the shower altercation between Mame and Hadassah – honestly, I loved both girls but I seriously think Mame needs to take some chill pill. I still love ya boo’ but quit it with the yelling…luls. You say you want it to end but you keep discussing of not really wanting to discuss that little fiasco by yelling. LOLS

Then there’s the reward challenge – Whitney Lee Thompson was the guess for that where she poses along with each pair of models wearing LetMeBe apparel. Gawd, Nyle was the freaking adorable!!! Just adorable!!!! Be my baby daddy Nyle – pretty please?

At the shoot, the usual suspects are the one who struggled the most. Courtney, poor Courtney…*smh* I’m very much impressed again by Mikey and Mame’s performances and by gawd, Nyle is really bringing it. Miss consistent Lacey is always giving us aces shots so I’m guessing that she’ll sail through the final four easily…


(Ashley) I actually loved this one! I kinda agree with Mama TyTy about the body positioning. Doing that shit must be realy tough.

I actually loved this one! I kinda agree with Mama TyTy about the body positioning. Doing that shit must be really tough.

(Ava) It would've been great IMO if not for the very weak pose plus, her drive to win this isn't particularly strong so aloha girl!

(Ava) It would’ve been great IMO if not for the very weak pose plus, her drive to win this isn’t particularly strong so Aloha girl!

I was laughing my ass off with this shot! OMG Bello - you are the life of this cycle! luls

I was laughing my ass off with this shot! OMG Bello – you are the life of this cycle! luls

(Courtney) I really, really, really like this shot! Like Kelly said, it reminds me of those horror movies. It also reminds me of that shoot during cycle 14 ugly-pretty shoot in NZ

(Courtney) I really, really, really like this shot! Like Kelly said, it reminds me of those horror movies. It also reminds me of that shoot during cycle 14 ugly-pretty shoot in NZ

(Devin) I loved Devin's consistency. He knows that this is a competition. I just didn't like him that much during the challenge where he was directing Courtney and Whitney (to a point) although I totally get where he's coming from. Another lovely shot!

(Devin) I loved Devin’s consistency. He knows that this is a competition. I just didn’t like him that much during the challenge where he was directing Courtney and Whitney (to a point) although I totally get where he’s coming from. Another lovely shot!

(Hadassah) This is a lovely shot. It's like a book cover! Wow!

(Hadassah) This is a lovely shot. It’s like a book cover! Wow!

(Justin) Totally uninspired shot. Meh

(Justin) Totally uninspired shot. Meh

Lacey - Kween.

Lacey – Kween.

(Mame) I loved her face here but not so much for the body language.

(Mame) I loved her face here but not so much for the body language.

(Mikey) He is the obvious superstar of this cycle along with Lacey - he just need to really step it up because he's so good it's almost boring at times...

(Mikey) He is the obvious superstar of this cycle along with Lacey – he just need to really step it up because he’s so good it’s almost boring at times…

(Nyle) thank gawd for this wonderful shoot! I knew you'd be one of the contenders this cycle! Sending you a big virtual powerhug!!!!!

(Nyle) thank gawd for this wonderful shoot! I knew you’d be one of the contenders this cycle! Sending you a big virtual powerhug!!!!!

Call Out Order
First Call Out: Nyle!!! Yasss!!!
2. Lacey
3. Mamé
4. Hadassah
5. Justin
6. Devin
7. Ashley
8. Mikey
9. Bello
10. Courtney
Eliminated: Ava

p.s. I was unable to do a recap of last week’s episode because I was at the deep shadow of the forest doing my fcuking dayjob,luls. but yeah – I was able to watch it. I was sad to see Dustin go home but it was a well-deserved boot. I’m just sad because we’re one less of eye candies this season. lulz

Book Review: The Understatement Of The Year (The Ivy Years, #3) – Sarina Bowen

The Undertatement Of The YearI bought this title because I was so impressed with “Him” co-authored by Miss Bowen with Elle Kennedy and how wrong I was in thinking that this book will be at par with Him because it totally failed in everything that the latter managed to accomplish.

The story is about two twenty-one year old boys who fell in love as teens and because of a hate crime, each took their separate ways until their reunion at college where they end up playing at the same hockey team. Only this time, one of them is out and the other one is so deep in the closet he has already developed pussy.

I’m not a big fan of sports-themed stories but when the storytelling is really good, I don’t mind hearing all about the sports involved in it as long as it’s accompanied by great plot lines and characters. The thing is, I never liked both MCs that much. First, Graham (the one in the closet) was irritating as hell and his paranoia doesn’t even make sense. I’m like, sorry what’s the timeline of this story? The 9o’s? Gawd, I was rolling my eyes all over Graham’s bitchin’ towards being caught.

“Not to be dramatic, but I kept thinking about Peter’s denial of Jesus. Except I was worse than Peter. Instead of denying Rikker three times, I denied him every fricking day.”

He was so paranoid on getting caught with Rikker and being called fag, sick or whatever “gay, hateful” things in his face but he was the first one to pounce on Rikker and even gave him a blowjob and that was like his first blowjob. And then, he asked Rikker to top him – Rikker then asked if he’d ever done it before and Graham answered, “Only with toys?” – huh? Where the hell did you get those toys and where are you keeping them Graham? You’re even trying to make your appearance and your stuff inconspicuous in order to not look gay and this revelation surprised the hell out of me. *Rolls Eyes*

Secondly, we have Rikker the martyr.

“When it comes to Graham, I could never keep my head on straight.”

Rikker is stupid for love. Man’ why’d you have to be like that?

“What Am I going to do with you, G?”

My answer: Dump his sorry ass.

Don’t even get me started with Bella. She’s an annoying slut. Period.

And Big-D. The coach and Hartley just let those remarks against Rikker slide so easily like nothing’s happened? Not even a reprimand for his behavior? Those are not fucking jokes. Those are fucking insults disparaging a teammate, attacking him on a personal level. Fucking A.

The book should’ve been edited down by 100 pages to avoid the repetitive ignore, talk, sorry, sex, ignore, talk, sorry, sex theme and it would’ve been much better. The grandma angle was good but not enough to save this story. No can do baby.

I’m sorry (not sorry) but the conclusion didn’t even do it for me. The title should’ve been “the pussy of the year” but that would be awkward I guess. *rolling my eyes again* *smh*

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars (I’m adding another star because of Skippy and the cover)

Published October 15th 2014 by Rennie Road Books (first published September 29th 2014)

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About The Authors
Sarina Bowen writes steamy, angsty Contemporary Romance and New Adult fiction from the wilds of Vermont.

She is the author of The Ivy Years, an award-winning series set amid the hockey team at an elite Connecticut college.

Sarina enjoys skiing, espresso drinks and the occasional margarita. She lives with her family, eight chickens and more ski gear and hockey equipment than seems necessary.

To be kept abreast of new releases, please feel free to sign up for the mailing list at Or visit the her Facebook page, or tweet her @sarinabowen. 

Book Review: Where There’s Fire (Panopolis, #2) – Cari Z.

Where There's FireI knew I would enjoy this one as much as I’ve enjoyed the first book, Where There’s Smoke. I just totally loved the progress on the characterization of the story’s main protagonist, Edward Dinges – the newest villain in the city of Panopolis. Here, we see how Edward try to learn to control his his new Superpower with the help of his boyfriend, Raul aka the Mad Bombardier.

This second installment also introduced us to new characters – villains and heroes alike such as Firebolt, Maggot, Vibro etc… Ooh, I even laugh out loud when there was a villain named Mother Monster. >_@

I super loved the story development as well – it’s just fluid all throughout like you’re really moving along with the characters until the very exciting conclusion! And by gawd, speaking of that conclusion – that was totally way awesome than what I’ve expected!

Again, bravo to Cari Z. for such solid writing and ATM, I’m dying to read the next book and find out who will be challenging the Mastermind!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published July 13th 2015 by Riptide Publishing (first published July 12th 2015)

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About The Author
Cari Z. is a Colorado girl who loves snow and sunshine. She has a wonderful relationship with her husband, a complex relationship with the characters in her head and a sadomasochistic relationship with her exercise routine. She feels like Halloween should happen every month, which is why you get this picture of her, and hopes that you enjoy reading what she’s put out there as much as she enjoyed writing it in the first place.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 Episode 4 – The Girl Who Has a Close Shave (Makeover Episode) [Recap]

‘Tis one of the most awaited episodes every cycle where the models will get their “Tyra” makeover. The thirteen models underwent IMO, not so extreme makeover this time save for a couple of girls who totally benefited from their haircuts.

Makeover Fadeout

My thoughts on the makeover of each contestant

Ashley – not really buying her look, she kinda reminded me of Saleisha (cycle 9)  – look wise.
Ava – I think this look could get her far in the competition! She’s totally rocking it!
Bello – wow. He looks different, a fresh version of himself if I may say.
Courtney – I really loved this girl and I think she’s got a very big potential but I don’t see much changes from her former look to her makeover.
Devin – he’s got a unique look so makeover or not, he’s really going to stand out.
Dustin – should’ve gone ultra-platinum blond IMO.
Hadassah – she looks really pretty with an even longer locks. not very high fashion but very pretty.
Justin – pure sex appeal.
Lacey – Ugh. This girl KILLED it. She’s got Saleisha’s hairstyle but hers looks better in motion.
Mame – no drastic change. Still gorg but…
Mikey – Obviously one of the strongest models in the house. He’s rocking his do!
Nyle – I really loved Nyle and this looks just made him sexier
Stefano – nah. He got fucked up by this mo

Meanwhile, check out this cycle’s opening – I totally loved it!

As for the photoshoot, they will be posing side by side with retired Marine corporal and now model Alex Minsky and former U.S. Army officer and paralympic swimmer Melissa Stockwell.

ANTM AshleyAshley



ANTM Bello


ANTM Courtney


ANTM Devin


ANTM Dustin


ANTM Haddassah


ANTM Justin


ANTM Lacey




ANTM Mikey




ANTM Stefano


First Call Out – Ava
Bottom Two: Hadassah and Stefano
Eliminated: Stefano

Book Review: Wolf by Wolf – Ryan Graudin

wolf by wolfWolf by Wolf is nothing if not a very rare literary piece of gem authored by Ryan Graudin that takes us to an alternate history where Hitler and the whole of Axis powers controls most of the world after winning the second world war and holds an annual motorcycle race across their conjoined continents to commemorate their victory.

This motorcycle race popularly known as The Axis Tour will also pave the way for the resistance to assassinate Adolf Hitler and ignite a revolution in the hopes of changing the world’s order. And they are all pinning their hopes with Yael who is competing as Adele Wolfe. Only Yael didn’t factor in the emotional turmoil brought upon by Adele’s brother, Felix and fellow competitor Luka.

Reading this book made me compare Yael to Katniss’s plight to bring hope to the people oppressed by the Capitol in the Hunger Games Trilogy. Then, I thought it’s not a really good comparison since this book could very well be a book that would really make its mark with its readers. The stirring narrative of the book’s main protagonist Yael combined with a flight or fight mentality made me feel nervous and excited at the same time and flipping its pages until the very end left me yearning for more.

The whole skinshifting thing just made the whole book more exciting in a whole new level. I loved the intensity of each chapter and the edge-of-your-seat feel especially when Yael’s gets into a compromising position. And then there’s the secondary characters most especially the five wolves that totally made its mark one me despite their little “screentime” in the book.

One of the themes in this book has always been one of my interests when it comes to reading historical fiction. I still can’t get my head around the Nazi’s atrocities towards the Jews. It’s just beyond my comprehension – these evil deeds. I just cant. Each book with the Holocaust theme always breaks my heart and I end up having to take a break from ‘em because I get overly emotional. This I have to drag on reading for so many reasons and one of them is what I have just mentioned and the number one reason is because it’s just so so good I hate to have to end it.

This is a relatively lengthy book but there’s something about it that made me want to finish it right away but then I realized that prior to reading this book, I’ve found out that the sequel will still be next year which made me so frustrated because I just need more from this story! People, I am telling you – it is that good. Definitely one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Expected publication: October 20th 2015 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Pre-Order Now:
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About The Author
Ryan Graudin grew up in Charleston and graduated from the College of Charleston with a degree in Creative Writing in 2009. She is the author of All That Glows and The Walled City. She resides near Charleston with her husband and wolf-dog. You can find her online at

An ARC of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest and impartial review

Book Review: KAGE Unleashed (KAGE Trilogy) – Maris Black

Kage UnleashedThe first book of this trilogy went on to become one of my top 3 reads this year (so far)  which left me quivering in anticipation with this second installment and I am so fucking glad that it didn’t disappoint! Not one bit! Maris Black simply has that magic touch because I loved everything she has written so far and KAGE Unleashed just totally skyrocketed my fangirling mode to another level towards Michael “Kage” Santori and little oh-so-naïve Jamie Atwood.

“I’d wanted to destroy him. To fucking obliterate him for making me love him, and for being able to live without me. For being able to turn that necklace around with no more thought than changing his socks.”

So, it starts off where the author left me just about dying with that cliffhanger in book one and now, I get to read part of the story from Kage’s point of view. It’s very much refreshing to read the emotional depth of this trained-killing-machine. Kage obviously has a traumatic past with everything orchestrated by his douche of an uncle.

“The truth is, I deserved what I got. For the bad things I’d done in my short twenty-four years of life, I deserved that and a whole lot worse. It was karma.”

The first chapter alone left me nervous (dunno why) with all the feels! It was intense getting a glimpse of Kage’s inner turmoil and what he really feels towards Jamie. Then right after the first chapter, it’s almost a non-stop mirage of events with both Kage and Jamie letting pride and doubts get in their way. I was at the edge of my seat (bed) trying not to yell at both of them for their stubbornness and I wanted to jump for joy  at the same time for staying true to what they feel at the end of the day. Kage asked Jamie to trust him and so he did and vice-versa.

The manipulation of his uncle and that stupid bitch therapist was so laughable because it’s so predictable but I don’t mind predictable if the writing’s this awesome! And speaking of Uncle Santori – we’ll obviously get to hear more from him in the final installment of this trilogy because we didn’t get much of Kage’s past in this book and I really,really hope that Kage will put him in his place. Maris Black just gave us something to nibble on (at least this time, we have some info about the guy) and I honestly cannot wait to get hold of that freaking third book! I’m mentally willing myself to calm down or I’d go berserk and go write a fan fiction about these two. Or maybe not. Haha!

Before reading this, I was warned about another cliffhanger but really, not a big issue at all. It’s not much of a cliffhanger at all if I’m being honest. Just know that this trilogy is just unreal. Just so good and I cannot wait for Kage Unmasked to finally make its way on my reader.  Super fucking mighty fucking highly recommended!!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published August 24th 2015 by Maris Black Books

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About The Author
Maris Black lives in the Southern United States. In college, she majored in English and discovered the joys of creative writing and literary interpretation. After honing her skills discovering hidden meanings authors probably never intended, she collected her English degree and got a job at a newspaper. But she soon figured out that small town reporting wasn’t going to pay the bills, so she went to work in the medical field. Logical progression, right? But no matter what she did, the self-proclaimed compulsive plotter couldn’t stop writing fiction.

“The M/M genre feels sort of like coming home,” she says. “I can’t quite explain it. I’ve always had openly gay and bisexual friends and relatives, the rights and acceptance of whom are very important to me, so it feels great to celebrate that. But there’s also something so pure and honest about the love between two men that appeals to me and inspires me to write.”

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Book Review: Catch Me When I Fall – John Wiltshire

Catch Me When I FallWhen an angel named Gabriel fell into Jake’s backyard, he didn’t have any choice but to take him in. Unknowingly, the angel’s presence stirs up something he has been trying to stay buried in the deep end of the mountains of Afghanistan. However, there must be a reason why Gabriel falls from heaven right? With revelations confronting him, Jake would have to make the ultimate decision of his life.

Catch Me When I Fall is one funny book and one that is equally poignant. Just how do we deal with choices in our lives? How do we know which things to sacrifice? Is love truly worth sacrificing? How do we deal with something that isn’t there physically but knew about its existence? There are a lot of things one could ask regarding this book if you’re the philosophical type. I am not or not really, but I’d like to think that there really are angels in our lives. Either on a romantic or religious point of view, it’s up to you which one to believe but I fervently believe their existence.

The story here flows easily from the beginning until the appearance of Jono (Jake’s bestfriend from the military). I would’ve given this an easy five star rating if not for that near-end conflict that didn’t sit well with me involving Jono and the supposed plan of Gabriel to have him as a fallback for Jake. I honestly didn’t get that and refused to accept the logic behind it.

John Wiltshire without question is one of the most artistic writers of this genre. He has a unique writing style and knows how to put soul into his characters. If you’ve read any of his novels prior to this title, you can easily see how he creates each character with unique individuality but if this is your first book from Mr. Wiltshire, you won’t be disappointed one bit.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Published October 2014 by MLR Press

Buy now:
Amazon | MLR Press

About The Author
John is an ex-army officer who currently lives in South Island New Zealand. He’s been writing for many years and has a number of novels published.

Much of his fiction is based in England, particularly Devon, where he grew up.

When John isn’t writing, he can usually be found at the beach, surfing.

Book Review: The Prince Of Tides – Pat Conroy

The Prince Of TidesEvery now and then, I find myself rereading some of my old books that shaped my views on a lot of different topics most especially the ones from one of my favorite authors of all time – Pat Conroy. The Prince of Tides along with Beach Music, Red Sky At Morning and Lonesome Dove became the seminal books from my youth.

In this very particular book, many things have struck me speechless. Who could ever forget that rape scene? and that oh-so-endearing scene at the park when Tom started coaching Bernard? Just a lot of fantastic scenes that I will always remember from the book.

The lyrical rendition of Conroy on telling the past and the present events in the book through his character Tom Wingo left me with different emotions. I cried, I laugh and I cried again. Then I got mad, I was sad. Mad, then so, so sad and cried all over again.

The Prince of Tides is a book full of emotion that will leave you hopeful in some way, thoughtful and perhaps too maudlin to get out of bed on any given day.

“Lowenstein. Lowenstein.”

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Published March 26th 2002 by Dial Press Trade Paperback (first published 1986)

Amazon Link

About The Author
Pat Conroy is the New York Times bestselling author of two memoirs and seven novels, including The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini, and The Lords of Discipline. Born the eldest of seven children in a rigidly disciplined military household, he attended the Citadel, the military college of South Carolina. He briefly became a schoolteacher (which he chronicled in his memoir The Water Is Wide) before publishing his first novel, The Boo. Conroy lives on Fripp Island, South Carolina.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 22 – Episode 3 The Guy Who Gets Shipped Out [RECAP]

tyra episode 3

I was trying to get my friend Livvy to do the recap for me this week since some gig came up and I was unable to watch the latest episode of Cycle 22 right away (but ala, bitch says NO CAN DO)  so of course, I did try to watch it before writing this despite the shitty net connection in the mountains. I cannot believe Delanie (sorry, no spoiler tag) actually went home over *********.

So from last week, the remaining models are to do this really embarrassing runway where they would find  out whether they actually made the cut. Really, mama TyTy? :/

On to the runway/elimination pre-final 14 – these (this) are (is) the model (s) that made the mark for me. -> Lacey – She’s clearly the frontrunner of this cycle. That jaw, that look, that personality. This cycle is hers to lose at this early stage of the competition.

You gotta love the angle between Devin and Bello.LOL OMG. Those two are TV golden!

Challenge winner by the way was Mame – still gorgeous but I thought Lacey killed it!

Photoshoot:  Each model were paired and bounded together for the shoot . Here are the photos and the pairings.

Ashley and Devin

Ashley and Devin

First Call Out: Devin = 36  (It was a great photo but honestly not the best for me – so don’t fret Devin fans – that just IMO *wink)
2. Justin = 35.5 (lovely shot but getting points way higher than Lacey was just ridiculous – doesn’t he look like Rain in there though?)
3. Lacey = 34.7 (I still think this girl should’ve taken the best photo)
4. Mikey = 34.5 (He’s good, like really good but he should learn to stfu because his attitude just totally suck donkeyballs)
5. Ava = 33.3 (she totally nailed it, not the best but she’s the one who carried the picture)
6. Mame = 33 (I hope she wont be stuck just being the very pretty mdoel)
7. Bello = 32.3 (I’ve to give it to Bello – he worked really well with Lacey)
8. Ashley = 32.2 (forgot about her as of this writing)
9. Courtney = 30.7 (it was a pretty photo but Mikey totally overshadowed her)
10. Hadassah = 30.1 (meh – girl, you are so pretty but that shot *smh*)
11. Nyle = 30 (just not spectacular – too blank IMO) 
12. Dustin = 29.5 (bae, what happened?)
Bottom Two: Stefano (it was awful so just stop with your cocky attitude already) and Delanie (wtf? Delanie??!)
Eliminated: Delanie

Again, I cannot believe Delanie went home first! Do you think the right model got the boot?

photos via america’s next top model

Dear Auteur,


giphy (1)Dear Auteur,

You’ve already been published by a reputable publishing house – please don’t do this to yourself. I live in a third world country and writing isn’t where I am getting my income – I simply just love to read.  I am only doing it for fun and I’m not even writing in English. I could send you my awful writings in English if you wished to so you can rate it and maybe rant how awful the book was. Also, it’s not even my dream to be known as a writer. Hell, I know I don’t even write that well so who am I kidding? If people loved what I wrote, then thank you very much. If not, thank you very much as well for taking the time to read my “free for all stories.”

I didn’t even attack your book the way other people are so ruthless with their reviews going as far as attacking the author. That is not my style. I even congratulated you for releasing your first book. I don’t understand why you’d have to go and do what you’re doing now.

Here’s my advice, perhaps you can just attack me on a non-conspicuous way because seriously, it’s really starting to look pathetic. It’s fun at first and I could easily laugh it off but it’s getting to a point that it’s annoying especially after enduring a 12-hour trip and you’d be notified by these cheap attacks.  Man’ I don’t even know that you have it in you because you sound really mature on twitter whenever I see your tweets and I feel good when you tweet your support on LGBTQ causes.

Why don’t you talk to me directly? You can pm me here and it’d just be between the two of us. I’d love to hear from you and would easily forget everything if you can just be straight with me. No pun intended.

I even bought your book from kobo for P240.99 ($5 and some change) because a friend recommended it. See, I even spent my hard earned-money on your book so of course, I will fucking read it! And I fucking did. I even gave you a 3.5 rating so man’ just stop with what you’re doing now.